English Class

Interested in English Class with Teacher Wani?

" English Class with Teacher Wani aims to equip you with skills that you will use in the workplace and interpersonal relationships."

The class not only caters to working adults, it is also useful for students who aim to improve their English.

English for Working Adults

For working adults, the English class will cover reading, writing, listening and speaking for business purposes. Those 4 skills are different when it comes to the workplace compared to the requirements for students. Teacher Wani understands that e-mails, reports, presentations, scanning documents, speaking to clients, listening to your superior, staff, clients or customers are part and parcel of the working industry. Often, emails and reports require clarity, efficacy and those documents should be concise if possible. With Teacher Wani, you will learn how to do that to the point, without needless additions.

English for Students

As for classes for students, Teacher Wani will aim to teach students the skills outlined in the national curriculum.A test will be conducted on the first class to gauge the student's level and Teacher Wani will start to work from there. Based on the national curriculum standard, students should excel in reading, writing, listening and speaking. These skills are transferable to the working life and also in university.


So the fee per head for the English class?

Fee per head (including travel allowance):

Subang Bestari
Bukit Jelutong
Kota Damansara
Mutiara Damansara
Damansara Utama
Based on agreed rates

Payment method: Please pay 50% upfront fee to confirm. We will indicate the payment method in the e-mail that we will send after you've filled in the contact form.

Note: If you'd like to have classes in groups, fees will be calculated as a group.

Should you be interested to join, fill in the contact form here.

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