I Have a Dream

Ever had to express your dreams towards others?
Well here's a way to express it, to share your dreams with others in written form.

A dream remains a dream if you never act upon it. 

    Years ago, I studied Graphic Design and Typography. It was a core subject in Communications major. We used the Adobe CS3, then CS6 for our projects, assignments and exams. Then, I did an Intercultural Communications project on the Cosplay Culture.

    Doing the Cosplay Culture project exposed me to a different side of Japanese culture that I never knew - something new and welcomed. The project also made me interested to draw even more. It got me to learn to draw manga and I didn't regret it.

    Learning to draw manga made me dream of having a Wacom Manga (the cheapest of the line, I assume) so that I could draw intuitively without having to use the mouse. Having a Wacom would make drawing easier since it's just like drawing using pen and paper. The plus side is that you can also use it with Photoshop to color the work.

Using the mouse limits the work that can be done on the graphic design softwares.

Here's an example of the work I've done using only the mouse:

So if anyone asks of the things I dream of, one of them would be the Wacom Manga - among many dreams that I keep and will try to accomplish one day. After all, a dream doesn't come with a fee.


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