Friday, December 1, 2017

Smart e-mail practices

In a business e-mail structure, you will have the following:

When we finished our studies, we delved into the world where work isn’t like school. 

    I’m quite lucky to major in both Communications and Psychology. Majoring in Psychology doesn’t mean that I can read minds, it actually helped me to listen more and try to understand people (in fact I think my empathy increased). 

    On the other hand, Communications major not only taught me how to write for the media, it also taught me Business Communications. In Business Communications, I learned how to communicate with the employer when I apply for a job, how to write resumes, cover letters and writing e-mails among others.

    I’m sure some of you already know some of these, but perhaps it would be a good idea to refresh. Before sending the e-mail, you may find these important: 

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