Thursday, November 10, 2022

English for adults

 I used to teach English at school using the secondary school syllabus. I've taught forms 1 until 4 (on odd moments, I taught add maths to form 5s about to take their SPM during form 1 recess time) and I've seen how the syllabus and exam formats have changed over time. I have prepared 3 different formats of English exam papers throughout my years teaching in secondary school (2015-2021).

Now that I'm no longer teaching in school, I find it a bit odd that my students are nurses now, instead of school children. The difference between teaching children and adults is knowing who their audiences are. Adults and children learn differently and this also depends on their profession. What hasn't changed is that I teach to ensure they are able to use the language in life. It's not all about the exams. In that way, they can even do IELTS from doing practice on their own,without even going to specific IELTS prep classes. Believe me, I've done it before - able to get band 7.5 in 2010 and 7.0 in 2019 even though they're in different formats (please invest in the exercise books to know the current format of the exams. It may have changed).

For adults, it's usually concise.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Turning 31

Getting older? Remember, age is just a number. I celebrate my birthday on each 1st day of Chinese New Year and 15 February. Why? Because I was born on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, Year of Sheep/Goat in 1991. So I celebrate it twice. Probably a reason for me to treat myself for the hard work I've done since SPM. I've worked since the day after my last SPM paper in 2018 and it hasn't been easy to be unable to rest. So, my body could've responded negatively and now I have Multiple Sclerosis. To those who say we should work overtime, please think of the time you'll spend recovering when it finally hits you.

Turning 31 today means many things:
1. 14 years since I finished SPM
2. 9 years since I graduated from university.
3. 13 years since I got my first driving license.
4. 7 years since I started teaching in a government secondary school. 2015 - 2021.
5. 9 years since I got my first contract salary that I was able to buy my own make up and glasses.
6. 14 years since I started working part-time to gain experience and try to control my own money & expenses.
7. 5 years since I got married to a man I'm still getting to know, who doesn't make it less interesting to spend time with him.
8. 5 years since I got the diagnosis of highly active & advanced Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.
9. About 11 years since I lost a man who I look up to, my late paternal grandfather who was a teacher.
10. Probably 12 years since I got a 7.5 for IELTS, then 3 years since I took it as a disabled candidate and got a 7.0.

Throughout the years we've lived, we'll go through many things that shape us into who we are. I remember doing a QuantiQuali Final Year Project thesis in 2013 for Communications major. Quanti for Psychology major.

So for all of my theses (we had to do a lot of research throughout the 4 years of studies), I'm always reminded of the importance of the 5W1H. People think that we don't really learn much of anything applicable in life while in school. However, I should correct that by reminding you how our teachers used to emphasize on 5W1H while doing essays. That is still applicable in preparing reports if you work at HQs that require many reports throughout the year.

Add math? You learned to calculate carefully, because you might miss an element that should be added or deducted, divided or multiplied. It's also usable in calculations of zakat, dividends, etc. The same goes for other subjects: you don't realize how you've applied it in daily life.

Here's to another year of learning. By the way, having Multiple Sclerosis made me revise my Biology texts and Psychology texts because it has to do with the brain and spinal cord. Learning is evergreen. You only stop learning when you're not in this world.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

3 things I'm focusing on now

I've always believed in educating others about English & Multiple Sclerosis, as well as provide graphic design services because it was never about the role, it's about the goal.
Both language and design are forms of art. Why not use both as a way to contribute to society? 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Wading into uncharted territory

Since I'm now unattached to govt school, I'm officially launching a freelance service for English instruction and graphic design.

Sunday, June 27, 2021


Recently, I decided to participate in an online Online Copywriting Class. Of course, it's paid.

Why did I decide on it? Well, I learned about copywriting while in university as I also took Communications degree, on top of my Psychology degree (double degree). It's a refresher course for me. So the picture below shows what a copywriter does:


In essence, copywriting is something some might not know but always stumble upon in everyday life. It is essential, especially in media, companies, speeches, marketing, feature writing, book writing, etc. What you see everyday has copywriting embedded in it. So it's learning that never stops. You'll always discover something new everyday.

P.S. This isn't paid advertisement.I'm only sharing what I'm currently relearning.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Great word choice is something we rarely see these days

Article: Primary 1 boy with first-day jitters flees Pahang school, pursued by guard

When I read the article, I was amazed by the word choice. A rare gem these days. So, if you're looking for ways to write articles and the like, read the writeup and ready a dictionary if you must. Until then, enjoy!

P.S. Kids, don't run away like that. Pity your parents who have to chase you, yeah.
By the way, primary school would be the best time in your childhood.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - British Council

I've always been a firm believer of practice makes perfect. Why?

Let's flash back to secondary school and university.

    As a secondary school student, I always had to present for Bahasa Malaysia's literature when I was in form 4. Then, I always took on the role of emcee during daily morning assembly. Then fast forward to university years, I always had to present for most of the subjects I've taken. About 90% of them, including Final Year Project that is. That excludes math and design.

    Hence, I had a lot of practice when it comes to speech, presentations and just speaking as a whole. Since frequent opportunities arose for me to practice speaking, it made it much easier to just speak to even a stranger, as long as I know the topic to touch upon. 

    Speaking isn't easy at first. Of course for many, the first few times when they speak would be heart-racing. Some would say it's not for the faint-hearted. However, that is the chance to improve. Even just for a tiny moment. Having the opportunity to speak is something that not many would have. Most of the time, we're asked to be silent. So why not? If there's a chance, grab on to it. Use it as practice. Believe me, as you go on, you'll add that bravery into your own character. Once you practice and practice more, you'll be confident enough to speak up.

    You won't know how to improve yourself if you don't try first, then make it a habit to practice pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure and whatnot. Without practice, you'll forever be wondering if you could actually speak in English.

That is a chance for personal development!

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