Back in university, I used to be the proofreader/group leader for every group assignment and also proofread my friends' theses. Not only that, I also did part-time proofreading for Masters thesis. I'll be honest and say that it takes time to carefully read sentences, paragraphs so that it makes sense and whatever changes that I've done won't take away the meaning. It is most important that I check for errors without changing the intended meaning in the report/thesis. I still remember being the secretary for our community service project for Communications and Media Ethics class, doing the report, then checking and re-checking 4 times - that's 5 times reading the same report! That's just me reading and doesn't include the times other members checked it for inconsistencies and 3rd and 4th eye doing multiple sub-checks - the total time: countless days.

Good thing that we got full marks for the report - my lecturer really liked it. Free of errors and the report had flow and continuity, varied vocabulary and good choice of words.

So I'd say that proofreading isn't an overnight job and takes time to complete. If you're looking for a proofreader, I'd be honoured to be of service.

Fee: RM50 per 1000 words.
Deposit (to confirm): 50% of total fee.

Just drop a comment on the comment section on your right and indicate what type of text you're commissioning, number of pages, expected time that you need it done and the number of pages to be proofread. I'll reply as soon as possible detailing how to pay and when the text is expected to be done after reviewing the text.

Please note that I need a minimum of 2 weeks to do proofreading so that I can be sure not to miss out anything.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


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