From my personal experience, teaching students who barely know a word or two in English can be quite a challenge. Sometimes, they'd ask for the meaning of words to make sense of the sentence. Little did they know that English is quite complex. Well, when you translate from another language, it is when things become complicated.

Translation isn't just word for word, rather it is also done through context and by sentence so that the meaning doesn't run far from the original intended meaning.

So, if you're finding it hard to translate and looking for someone who could provide translation services for you in written work, then you've found your solution.

We'd gladly provide translation services for a fee, since translating isn't all rainbows and a bright sunny day. It involves lots of revising and editing to arrive at the correct meaning of the original work.

At the moment, we're only translating from Malay to English and English to Malay. Other languages such as Japanese and French aren't my strongest points yet. However, if you need translation from Arabic to Malay, I do have contacts that I can link you to.

So how do you request for this service?

Fill up the contact form at the right side of this page. Indicate your request in the comments section and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Then, pay an upfront fee to confirm your request.We'll indicate in our e-mail response on how to pay for our service.

Fee: RM50 per page
Upfront fee: 50% of total fee.


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